Friday, June 26, 2009


It has been stiflingly hot this week in central Illinois. After my noon run on Monday finishing with completely soaked shoes after an easy 7 miles, I decided to try to beat the heat by doing my speed work early Tuesday morning. It turned out to be miserable as well (although I did get to chat briefly with the NCAA 5k Champion, Angela Bizzarri who was also at the track at 7am to do her workout in preparation for her race tonight in the USATF national championships).

Yesterday, I decided to do a sweat test to figure out my sweat rate in these conditions. I lost nearly 5% of my body weight on a 7min/mile paced 10 miler. Here's the "scientific" report that I sent my running group after the run:

I did a sweat test on today's run and thought you all would be interested in the results.

Prior to the run, I weighed myself nude at on the digital scale at the ARC. During the run, I wore a fuel belt and drank measured amounts of water. After the run, I dried off and then weighed myself nude again using the same scale.


Pre-run weight: 155.9 lbs
Water consumed: 40 ozs (2.5 lbs)
Post-run weight: 151.2 lbs
Run time: 1:10:00
Distance: ~10 mi
Weather: 90 F, 54% humidity, 12.7mph W wind, mostly clear with a few clouds

Total weight lost during run = 155.9 lbs - 151.2 lbs + 2.5 lbs = 7.2 lbs

During the course of the run, I lost 115.2 ozs, which we can attribute mostly to fluid loss and possibly the liquification and sweating out of a significant quantity of brain matter. This is a sweat rate of 98.7 ozs / hour or 1.65 ozs / min. If I were drinking water from a shot glass during the run, I would have to take a shot every 55 seconds to maintain my weight.

Running is dumb.

Many alternate conclusions were propsed like "running in today's conditions is dumb" or "summer in the midwest is dumb." Regardless, I'm sure I'll keep on doing it.


The Masons said...

Greg - you totally crack me up! But I love it!

That sounds exactly like something my Dad would calculate/do.. :) All you runners have something in common... your craziness... BUT that's what makes you special! :)


Ψ*Ψ said...

Hey, are you alright? I saw the post over on Adam's blog. Hope you recover quickly and completely.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog by looking for how to make your own bow ties for my son. Then I saw that you were a U of I grad, and since I am also, I had to try to track you down. Since you haven't posted for 3 years you may not receive this, but from one Illini to another, hi.

Ginny Hersperger Boynton