Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Evolution of basketball tickets

This is my third year buying student tickets for Illinois basketball with some of my friends. Student ticket seats are based on a point system, a big chunk of which comes from years of ticket purchases. Based on that, your seats will improve every year. Assembly Hall has 3 rings. Our first year, we sat in the third row from the top of section C. Last year, we were in the 8th row of section C and now we're in the first two rows of section B. Our seats this year are excellent. The photos here are pictures I took without any zoom each of the 3 years from our seats.

Aside from having good seats this year, the good news is that the Illini appear to be much better than I had expected them to be. Hopefully, that continues to be true as we start to play in the Big 10.

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Anonymous said...

If I keep buying tickets after you guys leave, and continue pictures in the same fashion, by the time I graduate it will just be a picture of Bruce from about 2 feet away.
Can't wait!