Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Headed to the Sweet 16!

Davidson College is in the Sweet 16!

And I'm going to watch!!

Yesterday, my good buddy and former teammate Jonathan, who's working on his masters at Purdue, and I bought tickets for the NCAA Div-1 Men's Basketball Midwest Regional tournament at Ford Field in Detroit. We tried to get tickets through Davidson, but because we both had to talk with our advisors to make sure we were clear to take off early on Friday, we weren't able to call the ticket office first thing when it opened. We found out which section Davidson fans were spilling into and called Ticketmaster to buy tickets in that section.

The excitement around Davidson making it to the Sweet 16 has been awesome. Normally when I tell people that I went to Davidson, I get confused looks and have to explain that it's a small liberal-arts school in North Carolina. Last night, I spoke at a Teach For America matriculation dinner and when I mentioned Davidson, lots of smiles, nods of recognition, and comments about how Davidson screwed up their brackets.

My sister pointed me toward an awesome blog that has a compilation of much of the press that Davidson has been getting recently. It's definitely worth looking at: davidsonbasketball.blogspot.com

It's a great day to be a Wildcat!

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