Sunday, February 03, 2008

Cross Country Skiing

Yesterday I went out to Allerton Park with a few of my running buddies to go cross country skiing for the first time. We got up early and it was a beautiful morning on the deserted trails on the south side of the park. Only one skier had been out before us making tracks and for several miles the only tracks were from animals (we saw a fox twice while skiing).

I rented my skis from the outdoor center on campus and we got in a good ten miles of skiing. It was a really good workout! My hip flexors and my groin are really sore today, but it didn't cause me too much trouble on my 20 mile run (first 20 miler of my Boston training!).

We started at a temperature of about 25 F and it was a beautifully sunny and quiet morning. The last 30 minutes or so were much more difficult, though, because it had warmed up and the snow got really sticky and started clumping to the bottoms of our skis making it really hard to glide and we had to stop to clean them off. Up until that point, though, it was beautiful conditions in 8 inches of fresh snow. Pictured here are Paul about to break fresh tracks, me, and me with Craig, Paul, and Duane.

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