Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Siberian Express Trail Run

On Saturday, I raced the Siberian Express Trail Run at Kickapoo State Recreation Area, which is put on by the Kennekuk Runners. It was probably the sloppiest race that I've ever competed in and it was a lot of fun. I finished fourth overall in the race with a 46:09.5 for the 7.45 mile course (6:11/mile). I was battling for position through about mile 5 and then ended up in no-man's land all by myself for the last stretch of the race. I had a lot of fun and I still need to clean up my seriously muddy spikes; even 1/4" of metal didn't keep me from sliding all over the place. Considering the difficulty of the course and the slippery conditions, I'm pretty pleased with the way that I ran. The top 5 male and female finishers won race sweatshirts, which Marla and I showed off later that day (Marla was the 3rd female finisher).

(Photos from during the race taken by Dave Ghent)

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Anonymous said...

If you thought that race was sloppy, you should try The Cross Country Challenge in Gilberts, IL. Run on the Sunday of the first full weekend in December, it is an 8K thru the back hills of a horse farm. There is a huge bonfire and a great buffet afterwards. Mud is up to your knees in places and they send you thru a marsh. Wear your best costume here; other runners are a bit nuts.
DA #346 in 2008 Siberian

Lori Northcraft said...

You know what I'm asking....what's with the facial hair?! :)