Friday, January 25, 2008

Home Theater Stadium Seating Riser

A couple of weeks ago, I put together stadium seating for my basement theater. It measures roughly 7'2 3/4" x 5' x 9" giving enough lift for two rows of seating. The materials involved were:

2 - 8' - 2x8's, which were cut to make the long ends of the frame
4 - 10' - 2x8's, which were cut to make the 8 cross pieces of the frame
2 - 4x8 - 3/4" OSB board - which were used to make the surface

The lumber cost me about $65, which I picked up at Home Depot with my friend Jeff in his truck. My running buddy Harley let me borrow his circular saw and I first cut all of the boards. Note in the picture the cornhole game my grandfather made me that is set up in the basement for winter play.

Next, I assembled the frame as pictured and held it together with 2 3/4" general construction screws. Then I screwed the plywood on the top and put the seating in place. I'd like to carpet it at some point, but it works well (and is nice and sturdy!) and makes a nice addition to the theater.

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Anonymous said...

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Thomas said...
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Alex said...

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Home theater seating said...

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Home Theater Guy said...

Nice work! The installation looks great. The whole seating thing is something that many people over look when implementing a home theater system. Many people do not put a lot of thought into is and later they are disappointed. Great job!

Seats And Chairs said...

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