Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fresh Pasta

The other night, 19 people ate homemade pasta at my place. I can't take much credit beyond the dough, though, because everybody else brought the rest of the food and I was barely successful at rolling and cutting the dough. I used to roll out the dough with my mom growing up, but the past two years people have had to take over for me to make the magic with the pasta maker that my sister gave me last year for Christmas. This year, Craig and Suvda did the bulk of the pasta and managed to make a huge set of noodles out of an entire recipe of dough (we made five recipes worth). Here's my mom's super-simple recipe for the dough, which makes delicious fresh pasta:

2.5 cups flour
a little salt
~3 eggs

Mix in the food processor and add ~1T of water until the mixture balls up into a ball of dough.


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