Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Illinois Football

I have student season tickets to Illinois football and went to the game against Michigan last Saturday. It was a really exciting game, which we unfortunately ended up losing. We made some huge mistakes that cost us the game, what with roughing the kicker on a punt, blatant pass interference, and a dropped fair catch that resulted in a turnover.

It's hard to justify buying single game tickets when they're $24 for students and the season tickets are $60 (6 games). Plus you get extra points towards your seating priority for basketball season (we have much better seats for basketball this year than our 3rd from the top row last year)! The football season tickets come in the form of vouchers which you trade in on game week for seats, so you can sit with whoever you want to that week. I go with a group of chemistry grad students, some of whom are pictured with me here.

The last picture shows "Block I," which is part of the student section that does a halftime show holding up colored cards to make various symbols and write things out. Since our quarterback's name is "Juice Williams" part of the routine always involves a glass filled with juice that then slowly unfills as everyone chants "chug chug chug!"

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