Sunday, October 28, 2007

Allerton Trail Race

I ran the Allerton Trail Race this morning for the second year in a row and finished in second place overall for the second year in a row. My running buddy Harley Johnson took first place in the race. I finished the 5.5 mile race in 31:20.4 (5:42/mile pace). It was a beautiful morning and a bunch of guys from my lunchtime running group ran really well. The picture here was taken from the album of a member of the Second Wind Running Club, who puts on the race.

I love running the trails at Allerton (and need to make it out there more often), which is a park owned by the University of Illinois about 30 minutes away from campus. The race is a well-run event and has a really nice spread of baked goods after the race provided by members of the club. My one gripe about the race was the couple of places where the course was not marked at all. About 100 meters into the race the guy leading nearly led us astray rather than taking us down into the trails and then when I was leading just past the mile mark and came to an unmarked Y, I had to turn back to the guys behind me and ask if I had taken the right fork. Then as I was coming down the last hill, Harley turned back to me and threw his hands up in the air because there were cones running in two different directions through the field. At the time, I thought he was shrugging at me as if to ask, "why didn't you give me a better race than this," but it turned out he was just confused about the course.
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Why didn't you win?