Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Blood Donation

I gave blood for the first time today! I've wanted to give blood for a long time, but never really seeked it out and when the opportunity arose, couldn't for some reason or another (usually that I was in season for track or something). I was ineligible for a year after coming back from China, but I've been back over 12 months now, so my friend Mark and I went and gave blood for the first time at the Illini Union. Note the sweet Illini colored bandage (and the bulging bicep!). I also scored a free Illinois Football shirt out of the deal.

Of other important note in this photograph; the office in my house is no longer purple! Markita and I went to town last week with some Kilz "Poppy Seed" paint and brightened the place right up.
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Lori Northcraft said...

Hold On...I'm still looking for the bulging bicep!