Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Illinois Bans Smoking in Public Places - washingtonpost.com

I learned in the 5th grade that when a bill passes Congress and goes to the President's desk, he has ten days to take action on it or it automatically becomes a law. I began to question my 5th grade (or whatever grade it actually was) civics memory recently because several months ago the Illinois legislature passed a statewide smoking ban, but the newspaper for months referred to it as a piece of legislation that the governor is expected to sign. I did my research, however, and confirmed that 10 days is the case with the US President, but in Illinois, the legislature has 30 days to give the passed bill to the governor after which point he has 60 days to take action on it before it becomes state law.

I was pleased that the statewide smoking ban passed, though, because of the ridiculousness here in Champaign-Urbana. Both cities passed smoking bans that went into effect this January. In May, just days after Illinois passed the statewide ban, the city of Champaign (although not Urbana) repealed their smoking ban despite knowing that they would be trumped by state law in just 7 months. Maybe they thought the governor, who has alienated just about everybody from both parties, wouldn't sign it in the infinite amount of time this state gives him. Yesterday, however, the governor signed the ban into law:

Illinois Bans Smoking in Public Places - washingtonpost.com

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Ψ*Ψ said...

Nice! My home city has a smoking ban as well. It's much better to go barhopping and not smell like ass at the end of the night.