Wednesday, May 09, 2007


On the last day of classes, Lindsay, Apratim, and I went to the Union in search of a snack before we had to teach. Wrigley's was there giving away gum and other prizes. They kept handing me gum and telling me about its stress-relieving and brain-empowering properties despite my reassurances that I don't like gum. I tried to convince the PR representative to give me 60 packs of gum to give to my students during their final exam. Lindsay, Apratim, and I took advantage of the free photo booth (note that my pathetic attempt to give Apratim bunny ears resulted in giving him a unicorn). Later that afternoon, I got a call telling me that I had won the drawing for the Microsoft Zune. Nevermind that I don't even chew gum, I got lots of free stuff from them, so here's my plug for Wrigley's.
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