Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

This morning I ran the Memorial Day 5K at the VA Hospital in Danville, IL. I rode over with a couple of guys that I run with sometimes during lunch, which made for a nice little trip (Danville is about 30 minutes east of C-U). Nevermind that I biked about 40 miles last night, I ran the 5K in 16:38 finishing in second place overall, so I was pretty pleased with the performance.

Last year for Memorial Day I helped my buddy Tiny--a purple-heart veteran--put on the Silent March in Brownsville. Since I couldn't be there this year, I wore my shirt and sent Tiny the picture of me wearing the shirt with him last year.

Tonight a few people came over for dessert and I made strawberry shortcake with lemon cream, which I'd been wanting to make since I saw it in Food & Wine Magazine. The recipe is here. I'd never made a lemon curd before so I read a few websites about it before I attempted to do it, which was a good thing because it's about as intense and invigorating an experience as I've had in the kitchen! There's a picture on the recipe website, which I mimicked as shown below. Delicious!
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