Saturday, May 12, 2007


Last night, Craig Robinson and I drove down to Mattoon Beach to compete in the Multisport Mayhem (results) this morning. We got there in time to go for a quick spin on the bike and a quick dip in the lake before grabbing a bite to eat at Joe's pizza in the cute classic midwestern American town of Effingham. Then we camped along Lake Mattoon just a few hundred feet from the start of this morning's race. Craig won the race, taking a commanding lead on his blazing fast and sexy new tri bike and his fancy new disc wheel. I, having done minimal training on the bike or in the water, however, staggered along until I got to the run where I put down the fastest time in the field, running 16:55 for 3 miles (5:38/mi avg pace) despite the fact that I felt really sluggish going into the run, which earned me 10th overall and 3rd in the 25-29 age group. It was a perfectly beautiful day and we went for a swim in the lake (~75 degrees F) after the race as well and wolfed down the provided post-race pizza.

I was really impressed by how well run the event was and I'll probably head back for several of their other races this year. The course was well laid-out and staffed with support, the corners were swept on the bike route, and everything was fabulously organized complete with chip timing. I'm also incredibly impressed with the fact that the results are already posted online. The race organizer has taken on timing races as a full-time job, though, and it looks like he's doing a great job. I have nothing to complain about, except of course how weak my cycling legs are. It's time to spend some serious time in the saddle.

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