Thursday, December 14, 2006

Christmas Lights

Now that I'm a home ownder, I figured it was time I went through the time-honored tradition of being defeated by a strand of lights. Here are the results. Posted by Picasa

Beckman Institute

The building that holds my lab is the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, which is a fabulously nice facility. My friend Ian, who works in an organic lab in one of the older chemistry buildings refers to the BI as the Beckman Plaza Hotel. You can kind of see what he's talking about looking at the lobby decorated for the holidays. Posted by Picasa

Scott Pryor House Concert

My cousin, Scott Pryor, played a house concert at my place in Urbana at the beginning of this month. If you haven't heard him, you definitely need to check him out (of course, if you're reading my blog, odds are you're familiar with Scott's music). Posted by Picasa

Quantum Final

My quantum mechanics final exam was a take-home and I spent all of last weekend working on it (literally...stopping only to sleep, eat, and go for one quick run). Here I am surrounded by my solution set in my living room. Posted by Picasa

Thanksgiving Hike

I haven't had a chance to post for a while because I've been busy finishing up the academic part of the semester, so I've got a few updates.

We went on the annual day-after-Thanksgiving hike, this year in Bath County near Cave Run Lake, partly on the Hogpen trail.