Sunday, November 26, 2006

UK - TN Football Game

Yesterday, we drove down to Knoxville to watch the Wildcats - Volunteers football game, the last of the regular season and a long-time rivalary. My brother, #99, got to do the kickoffs for UK and even ended up being the man to knock the returner out of bounds after a missed tackel on one of the kick-offs. The game was a lot of fun, although a disappointing loss for UK (17-12) since they had 3 or 4 opportunities from within the 10 yard line in which no points were scored. The good news is that UK will be going to a bowl game this year, but we still have to wait to hear where that will be. We're probably headed to Shreveport, LA, Nashville, TN, or Memphis, TN, although there's a few other possibilities as well (which would have been more likely with a win yesterday). Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Illini Basketball

Several of my friends and I bought season basketball tickets at the University of Illinois. The games are a lot of fun even though our seats are in the third row from the top of Assembly Hall. The good news is that your seats get better for every season that you buy tickets, so by the time that I have my PhD, I should be sitting on the bench. I have adopted the habit of wearing orange--like the tens of other game attendees--although if U of I were ever to play Kentucky, I don't think I could abondon my True Blue roots. Posted by Picasa


I went to Brownsville this weekend to visit and had a fabulous trip. I got to see lots of friends and do many of the things I loved to do while living in Brownsville like eating and going out in Matamors, Mexico, swimming at South Padre Island (while my friends in Illinois were biking home in the snow!), and mountain biking on the Rio Grande River levees. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera with me pretty much everywhere that I went, but I did have it at Sandesh Kadur's birthday party (affectionately known to us as Kadork or Kadorkian). I also got to go to my old school and see some of my former colleagues and students. I just got this email from one of those students:

Mr. Scott,Hey sir it was SO great seeing you again man everybody misses you sir.Well I hope that you could come back again real soon.....Take Care Oh andHappy Thanksgiving Day...... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Going to Brownsville

My day is already complete. Last night I emailed some of my former high school students to tell them that I'm flying to Brownsville to visit and that I'll be at the school next Monday during lunch if they want to stop by a classroom and visit me. One of my students wrote me back this morning:

!!!!!!!!!! aight sir that's the best news
ever!!!!!!!yeah i'll tell every body

Monday, November 13, 2006

Research Group

Two weeks ago, I officially joined the Gruebele Group in the chemistry department at UIUC. My research for the next several years will involve optical scanning tunneling microscopy (STM). Here's a picture of part of the ultrafast laser system that I've been working on tuning for the past several days with the lid off of the Ti-Sapphire laser, which I'll hopefully be using in the future for single-molecule energy transfer experiments in the STM. My lab is in the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, which is a really nice facility, although it's a bit far from the rest of the chemistry buildings, which will only be a slight inconvenience for the next 6 months or so while I'm still heavily involved in classes. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Tone Deaf

I've always thought myself to be tone deaf, so I had to try this tone deafness test when I came across it. I scored a 72.2%, which puts me on the upper end of "Good." How tone deaf are you?

Saturday, November 04, 2006


I had an amazing 159 trick-or-treaters for Halloween this year since I live in a cookie-cutter neighborhood that is ideal for trick-or-treating. Since the major portion of midterms were over, some of my friends came over to help hand out candy. We tortured Ian by playing the game Psychiatrist, and played several rounds of Mafia. We also played I game I haven't played in years, spoons. I caught a great photo of Emily reaching way too late to grab the last spoon. Also pictured is the great Bobby Flay recipe for Fresh Mango Batidos.

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Allerton Trail Race

Last Sunday, I ran the 5.5 mile Allerton Trail Race. I finished 2nd overall in a time of 30:53 (roughly 5:37/mile), which I was pretty pleased with considering that it was a tough course and that I've only been running 20-30 miles a week recently. It was also the first time in 3 years that I've worn spikes while racing, so my calves paid dearly for a full four days after the race, but the course was slippery from some recent rain, so I was glad that I wore them. The winner was fairly far in front, but I had to do battle for over 3 miles in order to hold my second place position, which I claimed by 8 seconds against a man 14 years my elder. It was a perfect day at a sunny 50 degrees, the event was really well run, and the race was followed by a big brunch. I'm pictured here with Sanda, who broke her goal of 45:00 by just under two seconds. Posted by Picasa