Monday, October 23, 2006

Chicago Marathon

I haven't posted for a week because I've been working hard at my take-home quantum mechanics midterm that is due tonight at 8. I wrapped it up this morning after working really hard Tue-Sat in order to be able to go up to the Chicago marathon to see my friends. Sandra and I got up at 4:30 Sunday morning and made the 2 hour drive up to Chicago. My college roommate and running buddy, Ben, was running the marathon as well as several of my friends from the Brownsville Marathoners. It was exciting to be at such a huge marathon even though it was cold and windy (at least it didn't rain as predicted!). Unfortunately, in the poor lighting (and the fact that I bumped my camera into the wrong mode), I don't have very good pictures from the race, but we managed a blurry one of Ben coming around the corner around 12.5 miles. What happened at the finish of the marathon was pretty terrible. Winner Robert Cheruiyot slipped and hit his head as he was crossing the finish line. What they don't tell you in any of the articles about it that I've found that you could see on TV in Chicago was that he slipped on Chicago Marathon logos that we on the street at the finish line. Before the 4th finisher had crossed, those logos were already peeled off of the street.Posted by Picasa

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