Sunday, September 17, 2006

Race Calendar

This weekend, I'm doing my first olympic distance triathlon (1.5K swim, 40K bike, 10K run), the Boilerman at Purdue University. While I was in Chicago this weekend, I went to Mission Bay Multisport and bought a tri top, a number belt, and an elastic lacing system while I ogled over the time trial bikes that it takes every ounce of my willpower not to break down and buy. I'll break down soon enough, but I'm trying to hold off until after the Boston Marathon in April. I'm staying with all-star Johnny Baker, my teammate from Davidson who's a grad student at Purdue.

Perhaps even more exciting than this weekend's race, I've picked out my tentative race calendar for the next year. In addition to smaller events like the Allerton Trail Run that I'll do next month, I'm going to try to do three major races in the next year. Using my qualifying time from Austin this past Feb., I'm planning to run the Boston Marathon in April. After 14 weeks of recovery/training, I want to do the Vineman 70.3. (I picked that Ironman 70.3 event because of it's timing smack in the middle of the two marathons I want to run. Plus, who wouldn't want to compete in a half-ironman in beautiful Sonoma County, CA?) Then 13 weeks later, I'll do the Chicago Marathon.

Assuming that I can stay healthy, those dates should give me time to recover between major events and put in solid training. I'm excited that I have some big goals over the next year to keep me motivated in my training.

Want to buy me a gift? How about the Cervelo P3C? :)

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You are crazy!