Wednesday, September 20, 2006

25th Birthday

A group of friends and I went out to the Mexican restaurant El Toro 2 in Champaign for my 25th birthday last week. For the last three years in college, we always went to Zapata's for my birthday and the past two years I've practically lived in Mexico, so it's become somewhat of a tradition for my birthday. My good pchem buddy (read: the person without whom I would not be surviving quantum mechanics and thermodynamics classes), Lindsay, made a delicious strawberry pound cake that we ate for my birthday, which you can see me slicing (read: chopping) in this picture. Speaking of birthdays, I got a sweet birthday present in the mail from State Farm, a check for over $100 for the discount in my premium that I get just for turning 25. I could have gotten cheaper car insurance earlier by getting married, but I opted to hold out for 25 instead :).Posted by Picasa

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