Thursday, June 01, 2006

Excerpts from Student Surveys given after the final exam

What was your favorite part of this class? Why?
  • Well my favorite part of this class is that Mr. Scott is very patient with us and he takes us pictures, he makes us laugh, he tried to talk spanish, He is a very good person and he tried to teach us but in a fun way and not working from the book.
  • The projects because they where fun, and thank you for that sir.
  • When we do the icecream because is so fantastic.
  • My favorite part of this class were all. Why? because I got to do the things that I have never done in my life.
  • making Mr. Scott angry.
  • My favorite part of this class were the labs because they were fun.
  • My favorite part was the walking eggs becasue it was funny and interesting.
What was your least favorite part of this class? Why?
  • The part of this class least favorite was when Mr. Scott sit me on the back sit of the class. Why? because in the back I don't have camaradas.
  • The test sir becasue sometimes I wouldn't study.
  • I didn't liked the some of my classmates.
  • that non of the studen tlisen to you including me
  • I like most of all the calss, but some part I dislike because I don't understood some words
What was your favorite topic we studied this year? Why?
  • My favorite topic of this class was when we work with the laser. because I can poin to my friends.
  • for shur nothing, because it was boring.
  • My favorite topic we studied was the rockets, because they are fun and we worked in groups and we design them.
  • the walking on eggs because we do the shoes and we walk on eggs
  • The laser, becuase I got to use it and to point it to everybody. And blaim it to someone else.
  • about sound, because he put a mochen that make weave sounds.
  • When we did the rockets.
  • The elements, for they are the building blocks for all sentient beings.
What was your least favorite topic we studied this year? Why?
  • My least topic was the acceleration. because never we find the paper of the acceleration.
  • My least favorite topic was the walking on eggs, becasue the room smelled really bad the next day of the lab.
  • My least favorite topic was lights and optics because it wasn't that fun.
  • My least favorite topic were to learn all the word's.
  • The first one's where we have to do so many problems, because they were a little hard to do.
  • the least was stiochometry I hate it.
How should this class be taught differently? How should it stay the same?
  • if the people that talk a lot would shut up it would be much better.
  • I think like that is cool.
  • It should stay the same because Mr. Scott taught us lots of stuff we could use plus we got to do some things in our own.
  • It should stay the same and Mr. Scott needs a deep voice.
  • If every body was cool. That you wore to stay hear.
  • It could be better if we do more experiments but the person that need to stay is you.
What will you remember about Mr. Scott in 5 years?
  • In 5 years I remember that Mr. Scott was my best teacher of "TEXAS". why because he explain me very good.
  • I would remember him as our silly teacher becasue you make us have fun like when you did some circus trick or when you got on a skate bord or when you let us haev an egg hunt you were the only teacher that lets us do all of those fun stuff.
  • I will remember that he was the one that helped me the most with my carreer.
  • Well I will remember the videos of the "science guy" because I think that Nye looks like you. and the accelerators.
  • he is to skiny and good person
  • His dumb acts.
  • His unicycle and science magic show and I saw him t.v.
  • You was my favorite teacher becasue you do things funny.
  • The little bow tye.
  • I think I would probably remember all the fun things we did in his class and I defenetly won't forget his bow!
  • I think in your tie or your bow and becaseu of your skinny body.
What will Mr. Scott remember about you in 5 years?
  • I don't really know he always remember that I like his class.
  • The good class we was.
  • What will Mr. Scott remember about me is well i don't know exacly but I'm sure I could give him a picture of me and maybe a bracelet.
  • who are you? he's going to say
  • Maybe I well be a Physics teacher.
  • I think in the bad words I say or becasue I a bad boy hahahahahahahahaaaahaaahaha
  • That I aws such a special little gril and that in 5 years I' am going to be a grownup.
  • That I'am still a young big guy going to college waiting to graduate and get a good job.
Is there anything else you want to tell Mr. Scott?
  • Mr. Scott I need to tell you that you should be boyfriend of Mrs. couler because you make good pair with her. and you are the BEST TEACHER IN WORLD.
  • That he was the best teacher I had in years (science teachers). All of my other teacher did not do much labs as you do and by the way cool labs where we can get wet and play and have fun.
  • Good luck on your future, I know you'll do well. I also hope you hook up with a beautiful lady, and become a father.
  • Mr. Scott I miss you because you are a good teacher and you know me how can do the ice cream.
  • That I hope you never change the way you are with your students and that when I graduat u are the first teacher I' am going to come to visit.
  • Mr. Scott, i love you, you're the best teacher I have ever had! I will come next year to ask you for help because you explained things as I understand them.
  • Why did you give me a refural.
  • It was nice to have you as a teacher. you taught me lots of new things I didn't think existed. I don't think it would ever get boring or tiring in your classes (if your ever my teacher again because you made learning fun to me. Hopefully everything goes well when you go into college again and I also wish you the best of luck because you deserve it, and thank you for everything!
  • that he should not go from the school
  • that we will miss him next year

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It is obvious you have made a real impact on these kids, as they have on you.