Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Rendimiento Extremo

This Sunday, I competed in the Rendimiento Extremo in Matamoros, Mexico with my teammate, Alex. The race started at 7am with a 30-mile mountain bike on levees, trails, and dirt roads. Then we climbed into kayaks on the Rio Grande paddled 8 miles down the international border to the mouth of the river, where we ran 8 miles down the beach at Playa Bagdad. It was an awesome physical test and we finished 4th place overall in 5 hours and 29 seconds. Our SAG support was awesome too, with a lot of people from Brownsville helping us get our kayaks to the river, collecting our bikes, and then Jill and Ismael drove behind us on the beach to keep us stocked up on water, gatorade, and gels.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry we missed your visit. Congrats on your new house in Urbana, and your obvious successful teaching experience in Texas. The bike, kayak and run even sounded like a real test. Going fishing in 3 days!! Uncle Ewell