Friday, April 07, 2006


Today as my students worked on their Accelerator during the beginning of 7th period class, a spider descended from the ceiling, which was an earthshattering event in my class. One of my students yelled, "Sir! Get the camera!" while another student joined her to pose for a picture. After the photo shoot, we captured the spider and took it to another science teacher for identification and feeding suggestions (since they insisted that we keep it as a class pet). It turned out to be a zebra jumping spider. Cesia insisted that we name it Güichy (pronounced "witchey") because of the song "The güichy güichy spider" (keep in mind that I teach ESL Physics). It was hillarious, including the revelation of how Cesia indicated that it should be spelled since my suggested spellings of "witchy" and "witchey" were absolutely unacceptable. It's moments like these that are going to make it really hard to leave the classroom. By the way, we're going to try to feed him on the little brown ants from my kitchen (see roommates, it's okay that the counter doesn't always get wiped down). Posted by Picasa

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