Thursday, March 30, 2006


Since I'm flying out to visit the University of Illinois late this morning, I had time to do a triathlon simulation this morning. I started at the Brownsville Aquatics Center and did a 1K swim, 30K bike, and 5K run. It wasn't too fast (especially considering the CRAZY wind this morning) and the transitions were unbelievably long since I couldn't exactly run out of the pool and had to unlock and then lock my bike back to the roof rack of my car. I've been told by several people that once I start tri's, I'll be hooked. I haven't even done a real race yet and I'm already hooked!

For those of you interested in times, I'm still a really slow swimmer (this is the first time I've swum a kilometer as well and just did it relaxed): 22:30
The bike was over 22 mph the whole way out and ended up averaging 17.5 overall because the wind was insane!: 1:06
Run: 19:32

Today was a moderately hard pace, but I clearly have more training to do before I race.

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