Sunday, May 15, 2005

Look at that food (and those girls)!

We bought an outdoor table and chairs tonight and it has taken the roomie dinner to a whole level. Here are the residents of 1705 along with Lori having an excellent steak dinner cooked by Ali on the grill.

Pedal to Padre

Today 10 TFA teachers participated in the 2005 Pedal to Padre event put on by the River Rockets. There were over 500 riders and it was an excellent event. We rode from the events center in Brownsville, regrouped in Port Isabel at the Lighthouse, and then everyone rode over the causeway (pictured here) together before meeting at Louie's Backyard for food and a party. Then we moved to the beach for some swimming and sun. See the rest of my pictures here.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

I like this picture I took of the resaca in the back yard during dinner as night fell.

We started doing roommate dinners a few weeks ago and it has been marvelous. Each of us cooks one night a week. It means we cook less, cook better, eat more variety, eat healthier, and actually spend time at the table talking. In the last few weeks we've used the table (as opposed to the kitchen bar) more than we probably did all year and we're pumped about keeping it up for next year. Speaking of which, this is the first picture of my lovely roomies, Jana, Ali, and Corbin. Tonight I cooked and we had creamed spinach salmon, fresh brocoli, cantaloupe (with the Mexican acoutraments of lime and chile), sourdough bread, Pinot Grigio, and strawberry shortcake for dessert. Yum!

The student taking pictures for me didn't quite catch the flames erupting from the whoosh bottle, but I love this picture because I look super-goofy (as if I never do any other moment of the day) and you can see how much my students enjoyed the demonstration.

This is a dance to "We Didn't Start the Fire" as I prep the whoosh bottle with isopropyl alcohol for our combustion reaction.

And the foam goes on.

The catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide.

And it keeps absorbing!

A whole cup of "pee" held above my head doesn't even drip!

Here Abel and Tonio held my diaper while we found out how much "pee" it can hold.

We started classifying chemical reactions today. It was a bit of a chemistry magic show and my students really enjoyed it, as I did everything to music and they saw some things they didn't expect. This is a picture of three-cup monty with water that ends up "disappearing" when it gets absorbed by sodium polyacrylate (they polymer found in ultra-absorbent diapers).

Monday, May 09, 2005

I went to Austin for 5 days to watch the state UIL One-Act Play competition to see what the top plays in the state are like (they were absolutely incredible). During our visit, we went to the Texas State History Museum. Here I am pictured with John and Bernie, the other two directors of our one-act play this year, under the giant Lone Star in front of the museum.

Here's a picture of my 6th period class testing their shoes that they designed for walking on eggs. This group broke 8 out of 90 eggs. The record was one broken egg; nobody quite made it across without any cracks.