Monday, February 28, 2005

Mr. Scott

Lori just sent me the first picture that I have of my in my classroom. Somehow, Mercedes ISD thinks that Valentine's Day is a holiday (although you might make it a holiday too if you saw how many flowers they had in our building; it was insane!), so she came and observed me teaching in my first period class. This is me getting ready for a day of teaching about bonding. You wouldn't know the lesson was about bonding unless I told you, because I haven't written the objective on the board yet!

Jalapeno 100

A couple of weekends ago, I rode the 50-mile tour of the Jalapeno 100 in Harlingen. Here I am decked out in team gear with most of the group that rode together from the Brownsville River Rockets.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Start

My whole life, my father has told me to keep a journal. I know that he's right (aren't they always?), but that nugget of knowledge hasn't been enough to keep me dedicated to it. I've tried a few times, but one of the biggest thing that holds me back is that I'm always trying to catch up on things that I should have written down in the past, rather than just jotting down what's going on now. So my new resolution to keeping a (b)log of the events in my life is to not even bother if I don't get around to it right away. Then, if the mood strikes me, maybe I'll write something down from the past. Otherwise, I'll just ramble (as I am now) about the most recent events.

Mom was here this weekend and we checked out a bit of the Charro Days events, namely the Sombrero Festival. After I dropped her at the airport today, I went for a run at South Padre Island. After going out one direction for about 3 miles, my IT band started killing me, so it wasn't exactly the most fun return trip. This, of course, happening just as I am resolving to get back to running nearly as regularly as I did during the glory days of college.

First Post - Sushi

This is Jill, Chris, and me making sushi and having fondue on February 6. Chris brought the makings for the sushi and the headband is a gift that Jackie sent me from Japan (I have no idea what it says or if it's on upside down).